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Принтери DGEN – интелигентни решения за вашият печат бизнес



Тотем Груп е водещ доставчик на индустриални печатни машини, който се фокусира предимно в производствените линии на текстилния печат и последно поколение печатни услуги за бизнеса. Нашата цел е да подпрекяпаме малките, средни и големи препдриятия в техният успех и развитие, чрез предоставяне на консултации, планиране и предлагане на нужното оборудване. Това увеличава тяхната обща усведоменост и финансовите им постижения. 

DGEN printers and printing solutions are an integral part of our catalogue. We continually rely on the excellency of the Korean brand to ensure that our customers always get exactly what they deserve – quality, dependability, and effectiveness. Learn everything you need to know about the different DGEN models and their advantages in the following paragraphs.


Why choosing DGEN textile printing equipment?

Dgen 1

Dgen – textile printing equipment

DGEN is a Korean research, development, and manufacturing company that supplies the market with outstanding inkjet printing systems. The current focus of the brand is placed solely on digital printing devices suitable for graphic, textile and industrial applications.

DGEN offers diverse models of digital textile printers that incorporate advanced color technologies, guarantee cost-effectiveness, and have a significantly prolonged life expectancy. Different DGEN direct to fabric and transfer sublimation printers open a wide horizon of opportunities for the textile industry, and that’s why Totem Group is here to build a steady bridge between DGEN and its potential users.


DGEN roll to roll printers – the game changer

DGEN roll to roll printers adopt a technology that enables printing a fine-quality image directly onto a roll of fabric by using a particular type of ink. DGEN direct to fabric printers operate thanks to a unique textile feeding system, that works faultlessly on low-elastic fabrics and ensure quality and durability. Which are the main advantages of DGEN roll to roll printers you need to know about?

  • The extra-size of DGEN printers makes it fitting for extensive production and industrial demands. 3.3-meter DGEN models are able to deliver a production of over 228 square meters per hour.
  • Ricoh GEN5 industrial inkjet printheads are the actual game-changer of DGEN. They are currently the leading technology for textile printing on a global scale, thanks to the high resolution, durability and mesmerizing printing speed.
  • The in-line fixation, incorporated in DGEN Teleios models, also deserves an honorable mention. It smoothens the workflow, reduces production times, and provides safe and high-speed heat fixation.
  • The sublimation inks of DGEN printers are of the finest quality and guarantee a state-of-the-art final product in matters of color, vastness, and durability.
  • The deep color penetration of DGEN inks ensures rich, vibrant and durable color profile of the soft signage production.
  • 24/7 operation is now possible with DGEN printers and their 5kg/color continuous ink supply system. Ink levels are digitally monitored, and ink tanks are designed to be refilled while printing.
  • Reasonable production costs, blended with all the advantages above, make DGEN officially the world’s most established brand of printers in the ever-expanding soft-signage market.

Put shortly, DGEN printers present value for the business in the form of time, energy, and cost-efficiency, along with amazing eye-catching colors, extended durability of the products, and reliable last-generation technologies.


DGEN dye sublimation printers – solution for high-quality image transfer

Dgen 2

Dgen – solution for high-quality image transfer

Hybrid DGEN models such as DGEN Papyrus Grande Hybrid and DGEN Papyrus Arete Combo are designed to perform equally well on both fabric and sublimation paper, while DGEN Papyrus G5 is meant to transfer images solely to paper.

DGEN dye sublimation printers create high-quality images onto rolls of sublimation paper. Those images can later be transferred to any chosen type of surface by using specialized heat presses or calenders.

DGEN guarantees high-quality image transfer, combined with the cost-effectiveness, inherent for the Korean brand. For example, DGEN Papyrus G5 can deliver up to 40% lower costs of production compared to other printers.


How to choose the proper DGEN printer for your purposes?

Totem group supplies the market with a number of DGEN printers that vary by size, technology, purpose, and functionalities. In case you still hadn’t conducted your research, here is a short list of basic DGEN printer types and what they do best:

  • DGEN roll to roll printers are industrial machinery that meets the necessities of considerably large manufacturers. They are suitable for printing high-quality large format banners, backlits, flags, etc.
  • DGEN dye sublimation transfer printers are meant to provide large format image transfer with outstanding quality.
  • DGEN belt printers also operate on fabric but thanks to a special sticky belt they are suitable for elastic textiles – polyester, cotton, lycra and many others.
Dgen 3

Dgen – Choose wisely

Our team is always eager to consult businesses on their choice and offer a textile printing concept for each individual customer requirement. We specialize in providing in-depth analysis and long-term strategy for the textile business. Our additional set of services includes on-site installation and team training, as well as dedicated warranty and post-warranty technical support for both software and hardware issues.


How to prolong the life expectancy of your DGEN printer?

Safety and maintenance are matters of great importance when it comes to industrial printing equipment. DGEN printers have a generally lengthy life expectancy, as long as owners care to follow some basic rules. The most fundamental among them include:

  • Always use genuine inks, genuine software and genuine spare parts for your DGEN Contact your dedicated supplier for further instructions every time your device needs to be re-installed or reconditioned.
  • Always rely on professional service in case of hardware damage or software malfunction of your DGEN All warranty services are coming to you free of charge, while Totem Group is eager to stay by your side as a reliable post-warranty technical support partner.
  • Always keep the DGEN machinery clean from both the inside and the outside. Regularly check nozzles and printheads for overlays, prevent dust accumulation and keep the equipment from accidental physical damage.
  • Do prophylaxis as advised by the seller. Be cognizant of the manual instructions and consult your equipment provider to learn more about advisable prophylaxis methods and periods.

Totem Group’s team is always here to answer your additional questions.


Why choosing DGEN textile printing equipment?
DGEN roll to roll printers – the game changer
DGEN dye sublimation printers – solution for high-quality image transfer
How to choose the proper DGEN printer for your purposes?
How to prolong the life expectancy of your DGEN printer?

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