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Types of Dgen textile printers

The textile printing solutions by Dgen could be used in any textile segment – they can print fabric for the fashion, home and technical textile industry and other advertising materials. Whatever type of fabric or ink you want to use, you are sure to find the right Dgen printer for your needs. Below follows brief information for the type of Dgen printers available on the website of Totem Group:

Dgen roll-to-roll printers

The portfolio of Dgen textile printers that we offer consists mainly from direct-to-fabric, also known as roll-to-roll, printers. They print directly onto a roll of fabric, using specialized ink. Printers that use this technique are especially practical for businesses that produce large products as they can handle large-scale prints. The roll-to-roll textile printers of Dgen are suitable for the printing of large-format banners and flags, and for other large-size products.

Dgen dye sublimation transfer printers

Dye sublimation transfer is a technique that relies on heat transfer the dye onto the fabric. The image is printed on paper first and then heat transferred to the textile. The end result is a print with vivid colors and high quality. The prints made by Dgen products with dye sublimation printing are long-lasting and will not lose their colors. This technology is also widely used for the transfer of large-format prints onto fabric, usually polyester.

Dgen hybrid printers

In our product portfolio you can find hybrid printers, which can print on textile and paper. That’s right, printing on both fabric and paper is possible. Dgen Papyrus Grande Hybrid is a model that combines the two. This product could be a game changer, depending on the type of business you operate.

To choose the right Dgen textile printer for your specific business needs, you can browse our website and look up the models we offer. There is detailed information about the features and specifications of each Dgen product and if you like a specific model you can send us a request. We’ll contact you and help you to make the right choice.

Pre and post-sales support guaranteed for your Dgen purchase

If you are not sure what model Dgen textile printer to choose, don’t worry. We will help you. Just let us know and our consultants will provide you all the information you need to make the right decision.

In addition to choosing the proper model, our professional team can assist you in planning and budgeting your new Dgen purchase. And once you finalize the purchase, we will deliver your order and assemble the machine on-site at your workplace. To ensure you receive the best results out of your new Dgen textile printer, we will train you and your team how to use it properly. Warranty and post-warranty technical assistance is also provided.