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Here you can find the right digital textile printer for your business

To get the clearest and most color-rich prints you want, you need to find a digital textile printer that is right for your specific business needs. The end printing results depend on a number of factors, including the printing method utilized by the digital textile printer and the width of the fabric you will use.

At Totem Group we work with the best digital textile printer brands on the market, including EFI, Epson, DGen and Brother.  Whatever digital textile printer you need and choose from us, you are guaranteed high quality prints.

We have various commercial-grade floor-model digital textile printer products to choose from for your business. We can also offer you desktop-size models for smaller workrooms with limited space.

Choose from four digital textile printer techniques

On our website, you can choose a digital textile printer with one of four printing techniques. The different types of technology used provide for different benefits and could be applied in various sectors of the textile industry. Below, we’ll briefly explain the difference between the four printing methods:

  • Dye sublimation printing – Uses heat and pressure to transfer the prints from sublimation paper to textiles with high-quality results. Best for polyester fabrics.
  • Direct-to-fabric printing – The design is printed directly onto the fabric without the use of transfer paper and the ink penetrates into the fibers. Suitable for polyester, cotton and other natural fibers. Can be used sublimation, pigment or reactive inks.
  • UV printing – Uses ultraviolet led light to cure the UV inks. Once the UV ink is cured over the textile, the product is ready to touch and use almost instantly.
  • Direct-to-garment printing known as DTG – Thanks to special ink jet pigment technology, the design is printed directly onto the apparel.

When you buy a digital textile printer from us, you get extra services

At Totem Group we guarantee you the latest high-tech digital textile printer products and professional pre and after-sales service. When buying a new digital textile printer, we will be with you each step of the way. Our experts will help you with choosing the right product considering your needs and preferences, as well as with planning and budgeting the purchase.

Once we finalize the sale, we’ll deliver and install on-site your new digital textile printer. We’ll train you and your team how to operate the machine and get the brightest and cleanest prints it allows.

Your digital textile printer purchase comes with warranty and post-warranty technical service included in the price. You can rest assured that our trained technicians will assist you in case the digital textile printer needs maintenance or any other kind of support.