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How does a digital textile printer work?

A digital textile printer works the same way a standard printer does, except on a larger scale and using special sublimation, pigment or reactive inks. It produces high-quality prints by applying ink directly onto the fabric and, unlike traditional offset printers, a digital textile printer does not require pre-printing films.

You can choose a digital textile printer that prints directly on the surface of a pre-cut piece of clothing (like a t-shirt, for instance). Or, if you prefer, you can choose a machine that prints on rolls of fabric that you can cut in various shapes and designs at a later stage.

Totem Group offers digital textile printer products utilizing different types of printing techniques – dye sublimation, UV printing, direct-to-fabric and direct-to-garment printing.

Find a digital textile printer that fits your business needs

A digital textile printer is a great device for printing on on-demand products, as well as for businesses where small batches of the same print are needed.

Unlike the traditional press printer which is more cost-efficient when printing larger quantities, a digital textile printer doesn’t break the bank when you print lower quantities. With a digital textile printer, you can print whatever amount you need and whenever you need it. For this reason, it is the perfect device for textile businesses that provide on-demand or personalized textile products, as well as for designers who want to see their artwork printed on different products.

A digital textile printer is easy to use. You can easily save and print your digital designs from a standard TIFF or PDF file that can be sent directly to the printer.

We will help you choose your new digital textile printer

How do you know what digital textile printer is right for your needs? There are a number of features to look for when choosing a digital textile printer. For instance, what printing method does it use? There are various printing techniques to consider. You also need to have in mind what color model the printer uses and what resolution it has. Can it print on the type of fabric you need it for? Some models digital textile printer perform best with a specific type of fabric and this is something you should be aware of before placing an order.

Putting it all together could be overwhelming if you don’t have previous experience with using a digital textile printer. That’s why, we offer free consultation. To make sure you choose the right type of digital textile printer, contact us and we find the right decision together.

Once you buy the equipment, our team will deliver and install it at your workplace. We’ll also train you how to properly use your new digital textile printer to get the best results out of it.