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The global market for products made with a digital textile printer is rapidly growing and adding up market share as we speak.

A digital textile printer can be utilized in various business models and industry sectors. It allows solopreneurs and large corporations alike to provide more personalized products, as well as on-demand products. With a digital textile printer, you can print various designs in small batches at a low price. This type of printer can usually print on different types of fabric, as well.

The digital textile printer is slowly changing the way the textile industry operates for another reason, as well. This type of textile printing helps reduce the negative environmental impact – a large problem in the textile industry as a whole. A digital textile printer uses less water than traditional textile printing; it has lower water consumption; uses less chemicals; and pollutes less the water and soil.

Find a digital textile printer for your specific needs

Whatever your current business needs are, you are sure to find the best digital textile printer for you in the vast portfolio we have.  We offer models that use different printing types, including dye sublimation, direct-to-fabric and UV printing, as well as direct-to-garment printing. If you need help finding the right digital textile printer for your specific needs, just let us know – we’d be happy to assist you in this matter.

In our product portfolio you can find a wide range of professional floor-model digital textile printer products, but we also carry desktop-size models that are suitable for smaller workspaces.

Whatever size, type, and additional functions you need on your new digital textile printer, you’ll find them here.

Choose your new digital textile printer from Totem Group

At Totem Group we’ve created a selection of some of the best digital textile printer products available on the market. We work with industry leaders EFI, Epson, DGen, and Brother because they are the preferred brands for digital textile printer equipment for professional use. They utilize the latest printing technologies that ensure the best and cleanest results.

When you purchase a digital textile printer from Totem Group, we will deliver it to your address and install it on-site for you. We will also train you and your team how to operate it properly to get the best printing results.

You can also receive pre-sales consulting and budgeting assistance from our experts. Contact us and we’ll talk about your new professional digital textile printer.