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Brother GT-341

Epson SureColor SC-F9300

An evolution of Epson dye-sublimation technology that allows you to produce colourful textiles more quickly and at an even higher quality. The SureColor SC-F9300 64-inch dye sublimation textile printer is designed for fast, high-volume clothing, textiles and soft signage production, as well as other printed merchandise. This new flagship model offers an evolution of trusted Epson print technology that provides even better quality and reliability.

The SC-F9300 offers brand new Precision Dot technology for dye sublimation including a halftone module, look-up tables and micro-weave, delivering an instantly noticeable difference to print quality, while straightforward setup means quality results right out of the box.

Offering print speeds of up to 108.6mІ/h, the SC-F9300 provides a complete Epson solution, comprising printer, inks, sublimation papers and software, that maximises uptime, with improved take-up and other reliability features to minimise common problems such as cockling and head strike.

The SC-F9300 uses dedicated UltraChrome DS inks which, combined with a wide CMYK input profile, ensure the maximum possible colour gamut, for accurate reproduction of even the most complex and colourful designs.

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Versatile 64-inch dye sub printer

Create quality textiles and signage,

quickly and efficiently

UltraChrome DS inks

For bright, colourful, durable prints

Faster printing

Print speeds of up to 108.6mІ/h

A complete solution

Printer, inks, paper and software

designed to work together perfectly

Improved reliability

Minimise head strike and cockling to

maximise uptime

Brother GT-341