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SUMMA L Series


The latest addition to Totem Group`s portfolio, solidifying the company`s position as a reliable supplier and partner. Recently, Totem Group was chosen by the Belgium company SUMMA to be their distributor for the L Series laser cutters, not only for the Bulgarian market, but also for the Romanian and Macedonian.

Summa LSeries L1810 Vision

Earlier this year SUMMA launched an entirely new series of laser cutting systems. Unlike the rest of their machines, which cold cutting the materials, the new lasers offer a high precision non-contact cutting method. These machines are perfectly suited for textiles and especially for sportswear, fashion, home textiles and interior decoration. The main advantage of non-contact cutting is that, there is no drag of the material, which is very important when cutting stretchy or delicate fabrics, such as sportswear.


One of the main benefits of a Summa laser system is the possibility to work without cut files thanks to the advanced optional Vision technology. This technology is based on years of knowledge and experience by Summa and CadCam Technology.

The optional Vision technology enables you to quickly scan the material, automatically create a cut vector and then cut a whole roll without operator intervention. There is no need to spend valuable time creating cut files. With a simple click of a button, any printed material loaded into the machine will be cut with quality sealed edges. The L1810 Vision model is suitable to be used in high-production environments, demanding fast processing of printed textiles in less time.

The machines is equipped with a next generation conveyer and a motorized de-reeler for the textile rolls, ensuring a continues production process, in addition, deformations are automatically recognized by the intelligent camera system and immediately compensated.
The laser does not produce dust fibers during cutting, only fumes. However, thanks to an internal extraction system all fumes will be removed.

For more information, please, visit  the following link: SUMMA L1810 VISION