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Putting design, color, ink and substrate control at your fingertips, TextilePro is the top-flight textile print suite from Caldera that makes production of decorative or industrial products quick, precise and profitable.

TextilePro has a multitude of applications throughout the apparel, decorative and industrial textile markets. It is suitable for use in the following fields:
• Apparel including fashion and garment, sportswear, footwear and apparel accessories;
• Decor textiles such as home textiles including linen, upholstery and drapery, wall coverings and home accessories;
• Industrial textiles which includes fabrics used in transportation, automotive, aerospace, marine and military applications,
medical textiles and carpets.

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    TextilePro’s intuitive interface is built to ensure your designs and colors are matched throughout production and help you create patterns, variations and repeats without error and without waste. Swatch and pattern tools, standards-ready color management and advanced machine control mean your workflow is stable, accurate and ready for anything – whether it’s fullbleed decoration, functional textiles, prototypes or high-speed runs.

    Built on Caldera V10’s rapid, robust core architecture, TextilePro supports all major textile printer manufacturers, making it the fast, logical choice to command your workflow.


    Caldera Texte