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Backlit Premium, DirectTex

Material:100% PES
Widths103, 155, 252, 310, 505
Weight280 gr/m2
FR treatmentB-s1, d0 + M1 + B1
Application Backlit, Soft signage

In the world of digital print media, backlit textiles are the cutting edge for lightbox advertising. Not only do we love them for their visual effect, but also for their extreme durability and resistance.

Backlite Premium is the answer to sophisticated visual merchandising and display systems, this backlit textile is a knitted, non-coated fabric with a unique silky front.

More versatile than other textiles on the market, Backlite Premium is compatible with advanced printing technologies such as Latex and UV inks. To satisfy bigger print jobs, this textile is also available in width up to 5 meters.


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