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Illuminati, DirectTex

Material:100% PES
Widths103, 155, 252, 310
Weight310 gr/m2
FR treatmentM1, DIN 13501-1 B-s1, d0

A newly developed backlit textile, Illuminati presents a cutting-edge backlit technology with its seamless lighting effects. In order to meet the increasing demand for backlit fabrics, Illuminati is a 2017 product which is refined to give an incredible effect once on display.

From their wide use in trade shows and events, backlit textiles have become more and more popular in the industry. As nothing else can compete with the pop of fabric graphics when lit from behind, Illuminati is created to prove that textile backlits are still evolving to stay on the same level of new technologies in the market and printing trends.

Showing vibrant colours, and being highly scratch resistant material, Illuminati stands as the number one backlit you need for soft signage applications.


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    Categories: Fabric