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Descor Frame Systems

DESCOR© Frame Systems

High-tech textile system with acoustic performance.

Designed with a amazing visual impact and endless inspiring design possibilities. PONGS I DESCOR® system is designed to have unprecedented visual impact for any wall, ceiling or panel. This system is only limited by your imagination. It’s design that enhances the visual and aural senses to create unprecedented spatial experiences. It is built for modularity and flexibility to meet the needs of contemporary architectural concepts.

It’s flexible and easy, quick and clean to install and replace. Ready installed ceilings and walls without dirt and dust in just one day? It’s possible! It’s also temperature independent.

Available in standard and over 256,000 digitally custom printed colors. Great for backlighting to achieve even more impact. LED lighting behind the DESCOR high-tech textiles create a modern sense of space that has to be seen to be believed.

DESCOR is developed with all the major certifications for your safety and environmental needs.

For more detailed product information please go to: Descor Frame Systems

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