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Bullmer Premiumcut

Bullmer Premiumcut

Based on the machine design customized for individual customers, bullmer is in a position to develop and manufacture any machine for any desired height and length of material with the best quality, extreme processing precision, remarkably professional and well developed service and short response times. Bullmer offers all the necessary solutions and services under one roof: from machines for cutting applications in single layer and multilayer to material handling and right up to storage systems. The widest range of materials including films, fabrics, leather, carbon fibres and cardboard achieve their perfect finish that is, their best shape using bullmer machines.

Comprehensive, professional, universally available service complements the range of services of this Swabian company. A team of 130 employees – employees who value their work and of course have the technical knowledge and are glad to be a point of contact for their customers and for whom Quality, Service and Competence are a matter of daily life – is what makes bullmer a provider of cutting solutions, who is in great demand all over the world.


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    Categories: Single layer cutting machines



    The premiumcut elc is the most flexible single-ply-cutter. It stands out with the following features:

    • modular construction upgrade and tailor your premiumcut elc to your needs at any time!
    • easy handling through fast and easy tool exchange
    • very flexible customized production
    • all materials one cutter
    • working width from 1400 m

    The Premiumcut cuts different kind of materials such as:

    Woven and non-woven technical textiles, composites, sheet materials, rubber, flooring and a wide range of synthetic materials, printed textiles, PVC, and much more.


    Acceleration up to 2g Speed up to 120 m/min (2m/s).


    Versatile due to large tooling range.


    Anytime quick retooling and retrofitting.

    Robust construction.

    Driven system with 2 separate x-axis-drives.


    Tool change within seconds.


    Machines can be adapted to customer requests.


    High vacuum with low energy consumption.

    Bullmer Premiumcut