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FORSTHOFF-P2 hot air automatic welding machine

The efficient and manoeuvrable hot air automatic welding machine for the truck tarpaulin and advertising banner processor.

The automatic welding machine FORSTHOFF-P2 is the innovative successor of the successful FORSTHOFF-P models and an efficient and manoeuvrable device for welding truck tarpaulins, tents, awning materials and advertising banners. It produces optionally 20, 30, 40 and 45 mm wide overlap welds and may also be converted for welding in welting ropes.In addition, by mounting hem welding accessories, the automatic machine can  without any difficulty be used for the production of 20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm and 45 mm hems.The heat output of up to 4000 W 230 V AC is infinitely variable from 20 to 700 °C  for an individual adjustment to different materials.The FORSTHOFF-P2 starts automatically after the weld head has been swivelled in. In addition, the infinitely variable speed adjustment of the modern generation of motors with their performance of up to 18 m/min.,  in conjunction with the holding-down device for crease-free welding, makes for an optimum welding result. Furthermore, the three-point support ensures a reliable pressure on the tarpaulin.Thanks to a new generation of nozzles, tarpaulin fabrics can be welded with a speed of up to 11 m/min.Moreover, the device is equipped with a sturdy carrying handle and a telescopic guide handle that can be individually adjusted to the user’s body height.The manoeuvrable and narrow casing design is optimally suited for using the FORSTHOFF-P2 in the truck tarpaulin and advertising banner sector.

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    Categories: Automatic welding machines


    Voltage230 V 50/60 Hz
    Heat output20 mm, 30 mm: 3400 W 230 V; 40 mm, 45 mm: 4000 W 230 V
    Temperature20–700 °C, infinitely variable
    Weight17.5 kg with 7 m connection cable
    Dimensions535 x 280 x 350 mm (without guide handle)
    • Car upholsterers
    • Tarpaulin manufacturers
    • Tent manufacturers
    • Leisure and outdoor outfitters
    • Manufacturers of advertising tarpaulins

    Forsthoff – P2