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D. Gen Papyrus Grande Hybrid

D.gen Papyrus Grande Hybrid

HYBRID! Printing on both paper and fabric is possible.

Continuous mass-production of good looking prints thanks to the 5kg/color continuous ink supply system, maximum printing width of 3.3m (11 ft.) and to its incredible speed of 96m2 /h by 1200 dpi high resolution.
No cockling effect on your prints, thanks to the powerful 3-stage dryer and the pneumatically controlled tension bars in the system.


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    • IR Lamp Type Dryer Unit – Dryer unit enabling fast and immediate drying process for higher production speed.
    • Stable Feeding System – Feeding System equipped with Pneumatic Cylinder which guarantees high-quality printing.
    • 96 m2/h high productivity by a high resolution of 1200 dpi
    • 30cm diameter mini-jumbo roll feeder & take-up units (optional).
    • differential shaft for printing at once two 1.4m width paper rolls (optional)

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    D. Gen Papyrus Grande Hybrid