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D. Gen Teleios Grande / H6

3.2 meters true textile printing. Playing in Major League

132 m2/hour using 6 colors at a better price and performance than ever before!
It’s design is simply beautiful. Colors now become more vivid using a 6 color system.

Teleios Grande for soft-signage

  • Is the world’s most installed 3.2m width digital textile printer.
    • Creates richer blacks than coal and richer reds even than blood!
    • Many competitors are trying to imitate d.gen, but none of them can beat us.

Teleios Grande for home textile

  • Widely used in the home textile market.
    • The best in many businesses such as bedding, curtain, blinds, sofa cover, etc.

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    Categories: Rоll to Roll Printers


    LATEST RICOH PRINTHEADS | Thanks to the GEN5 printheads, recognized as a global leading technology for textile printing, Teleios G5 provides a 600dpi resolution with true greyscale. The latest version of the printhead comes with 1.280 nozzles per color and full greyscale, which enables printing speeds up to 185 sqm/hr. Also the smaller version Teleios XL2600 is powered by the same state-of-the-art technology and can produce up to 150 sqm/hr.

    FABRIC & INK-FEEDING SYSTEMS. d.gen’s unique textile feeding system allows direct printing on most of woven fabrics like flag, display material and the new d.gen power stretch. The optional BIS-5000 ink-feeding system with a 5Kg ink-pouch for each colors enables to refill inks while printing without staining your hands.

    5kg/color continuous ink supply system
    Designed to be refilled with inks while printing.Level of ink is easy to check visually or by sensor.
    Provided with a double filtering system to protect against harmful substances.

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