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Oval – HOval – H

The handy and extremely powerful hot air hand-held welding machine from the new FORSTHOFF Oval line. High air output combined with strong 3,000 W 230 V heat output, and all packaged in a handy and robust form.

The Oval H hand-held welding unit enables powerful and efficient welding with its 40 mm overlap nozzle. This strong industrial tool can be used for welding landfill sheeting, pond foils and heavy tarpaulins. The device can also be used in the automobile industry for drying out putty and activating plastic parts.

Thanks to reliable temperature electronics, its heat output of 3,000 W 230 V or 2,200 W 120 V is variably adjustable from room temperature to 700 °C. Combined with the strong double turbine system, the Oval H makes for trouble-free overlap welding with the 40 mm slot die 4003.

The Oval H unit also comes from the FORSTHOFF Oval line and is distinguished by its slim and ergonomic handle. The air filters can be easily cleaned by simply removing them from the handle. Shut-off carbon brushes prevent damage to the engine collector after use and can be changed several times.


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    Categories: Hand welding torches


    Item No. 4003
    Nozzle, 40 mm flat

    Item No. 3064
    Heating element 3000 W, 230 V

    Item No. 7000
    Pressure roller two-armed,
    45 mm

    Item No. 6998
    Pressure roller two-armed,
    45 mm, ball bearing mounted

    Item No. 7001
    Pressure roller one-armed,
    45 mm

    Item No. 6997
    Pressure roller one-armed,
    45 mm, ball bearing mounted

    Item No. 7002
    Pressure roller two-armed,
    80 mm

    Item No. 6996
    Pressure roller two-armed,
    80 mm, ball bearing mounted


    Nominal voltage range120 V or 230 V~
    Frequency range50Hz – 60Hz
    Power120 V 2200 W or 230 V 3000 W
    Output temperature20–700 °C, infinitely variable
    Noise emission level< 70dB
    Protection classII/  (double insulation)
    Weight1.5 kg with mains connection lead



    Oval – H