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FORSTHOFF Quick-L-Electronic

The latest generation of our easy to handle, lightweight and reliable hot air welding torch Quick-L-Electronic.

The hot air welding torch Quick-L-Electronic is characterised by a small handle that is both easy to grip and easy to use. Combined with a strong heat output of 1500 W 230V, the low-weight torch facilitates professional and fatigue-free welding.

In addition, the torch is equipped with a cold stage that can be switched on without changing the preselected heating stage.
The motor’s commutator carbons can be replaced several times, thus facilitating a continuous operation of the device. The carbons are easy to replace from the outside without having to open the device.
New! Our hand-held welding torches’ carbon brushes are equipped with a safety lock that prevents damage to the motor when the carbons are used up.

The air-cooled heating element pipe matches numerous different nozzle shapes.
The all-purpose device for welding any type of thermoplastic resin, technical textiles, tarpaulin materials, pond liners, roofing foils and foils used in swimming pool construction.


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    Categories: Hand welding torches

    Voltage range230 V 50/60 Hz or 120 V 50/60 Hz
    Heat output1500 W 230 V or 120 V
    Temperature20–700 °C, infinitely variable
    Weight1200 g with 3 m connection cable
    DimensionsLength 320 mm, handle diameter 52 mm
    Electrical safetyII/   Double insulated


    • Can be used to repair truck tarpaulins and tents, to weld PVC floor coverings and linoleum
    • Processing of hard thermoplastic materials used in plastics and tank construction
    • For installation in machines and on conveyor belts
    • For use in repair shops to repair plastic parts in motorcars and motorbikes
    • For use in electromechanical work


    Quick – L – Electronic