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SAV 1000

SAV 1000

Whether it is clothing, shoes, car seats, sofas, banners and much more – the Mehrstetten based market leader bullmer GmbH ensures the right design.

The company based in Mehrstetten in South Germany develops and produces automated CNC Cutter machines for material handling, material flow up to automatic cutting. Universally acclaimed high-quality, precision cutting systems with sorting and distribution technology for various widths and all desired lengths with the quality mark known all over the world as “Made in Germany.”

The widest range of materials including fabrics, leather, carbon- and glasfibres, foams, alu-dibond, acrylic or cardboard achieve their perfect finish that is, their best shape using bullmer machines.


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    Categories: FEEDER UNITS


    ■ Unwinding device consisting of a frequency-controlled calendar roller deduction with dancer and a non-driven roller

    ■ Roll bar with a pneumatic brake

    ■ Controlled with edge control via push-button for threading

    ■ Manual threading and unthreading

    ■ Stationary version

    ■ With line laser for aligning the material web

    SAV 1000