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Contactless cutting with high precision
Perfectly sealed edges
Continuous production of roll materials
Automatic detection of deformations
Safety is not taken lightly


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    Categories: Laser Cutters

    Next Generation Conveyor System
    Summa’s conveyor system for the L Series is ideal for the continuous production of rolled material, as it automatically transports cut parts out of the machine. The metal slat construction of the conveyor allows for vacuum extraction from underneath. The material will be held down by means of the vacuum, which will result in a clean cut and also precise transport movement through the working area.

    Motorised De-Reeler
    Material is presented to the conveyor, using our motorised roll handling system which automatically feeds the material out. The fabric moves back and forth to adjust for telescoping or uneven rolling of the textile by detecting the edge of the material. Also, as the roll unwinds, a loop is kept constant to relax the material. Therefore all fabric tension is removed before cutting, reducing distortion and ensuring an accurate cut.

    Distortion Compensation
    The Summa laser system automatically compensates for any distortions or stretches on any textiles, ensuring an accurate cut at high speed, over and over again.

    Segmentation Feed
    Due to the conveyor system, the L Series makes light work of cutting shapes and designs, that are much larger than their actual cutting area. Once the first part of the cut is completed, the conveyor moves, then cuts the next part, and so on. This makes the L Series system ideal for laser cutting flags and banners of any length.

    LASER POWER:                                       50 or 100 watts (Aircooled), 120 or 250 watts (Watercooled)
    DIMENSIONS:                                         1700 x 1040 x 2100 mm; 1700 x 2620 x 2100 mm (with Vision option)  without motor de-reeler
    MAX ROLL WIDTH:                                1900 mm
    MAX CUT:                                                1860 mm x Continuous
    CAMERA RECOGNITION OPOS:          marks, optional Vision system
    SPEED:                                                      Maximum speed: 1000 mm/sec
    Axial speed: 0,2 mm/s up to 1000 mm/s
    Speed increments of 0,1 mm/sec for accurate adjustments

    Motion system loop servo motors with hardened ground steel rails, Software ApS-Ethos Cutting Composer, Resolution 0.025mm, Acceleration up to 2g, Water chiller (if required), Steel reinforced drive belts, Zero backlash X Belts, Kevlar reinforced timing belts, High precision CNC controller with raster capability, Visible diode for setup, Hardened and ground precision motion rails, Full complement single row cageless bearings, Fully anodised extruded chassis, Single phase input, Extraction speed control, Compressed air drying bowl and flow regulator, High Resolution line scanner (optional with Vision system).

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