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7460/7472 SPORT

Transmatic 7460/7472 SPORT

The Transmatic 7460/7472 SPORTS has been specially designed for digital printing on cutted pieces and placed prints. This application is indicated especially in the eld of printing of sport shirts.

A new system of heating oil ensures a uniform temperature distribution over the entire length of the cylinder with a minimum consumption of energy.

The heating systems oil Transmatic consume 50% less energy of electric machines.

The diameter of the drum 35 cm/ 13.8 ” is suitable to the needs of digital printing.

The 7460/7472 SPORTS has 3 different modes of operation :

1. The sheets of transfer paper are placed with the design facing upward on the table, the cut fabrics (front, rear, arms, necks etc.) Are placed above the drawing. The pieces of printed fabric and the paper out both on the front of the machine.

2. Use of transfer paper in reels with the possibility of placing pieces of fabric cut.

3. Mainstream press, transfer paper and tissues of both continuous.

The calenders transmission with the new oil actually increase your production, make risparmare time and energy costs. High productivity, design quality and our service after the sale, give good reasons to invest Transmatic, for all the needs of digital sublimation printing, offset and gravure.


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    Categories: Cut Pieces

    • Cylinder diameter 35 cm/ 13.8″ heated to oil
    • Production 1,3 mt/min. linear (1,42 yd/min.) respectively of 40 second dwell time
    • System Guide, no. 3 unwinding / nr. 3 reels
    • Electronic guide felt
    • A proportional working thermostat regulates the temperature with a remarkable energy saving
    • Touchscreen panel
    • Safety system with manual handle in case of black out
    • Heated cylinder with diathermic oil
    • Auto-off to reach 110°

    MODEL                                                            7460 SPORT                                                                 7472 SPORT

    POWER INSTALLED                                      15,5 KW – 67 A                                                               18 KW – 73 A

    AVERAGE CONSUMPTION                           6.9 KW – 30 A                                                                  8.1 KW – 35 A

    BELT SIZE                                                       170 CM /70″                                                                   198 CM /78″

    WORKING WIDTH                                          160 CM /63”                                                                    192 CM /76”

    NET WEIGHT                                            1450 KG / 3196 LB.                                                          1900 KG / 4188 LB.

    SIZE                                              263×195,5×150 CM / 104X77X59 ”                               293×195,5×150 CM / 115X77X59 ”


    7460/7472 SPORT