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GFO 67/76/104/126

Transmatic GFO 67/76/104/126

From the beginning you will notice the difference. More than 30 years experience manufacturing rotary heat presses has allowed us to rene the design and add extra features.

– Three super-light air shafts allow one person to pick up and position the transfer paper, fabric and blotting tissue (when required). The transfer paper is located directly above the entrance into the machine, allowing gravity to help feed straight and evenly. Unwind tension is adjustable with pneumatic tension control. The fabric is pulled straight up and through an “S” wrap bar that applies additional tension to the fabric.

From the “S” wrap, the fabric travels over an adjustable roller to ensure a straight path into the entrance of the machine. Rewinding of transfer paper and the printed fabric

– Most importantly, the paper and fabric are separated immediately upon exit from the machine and transported to the rear of the machine for easy access to the materials and their corresponding rewinds. Air shafts are used to support the rolls, but the mounts are designed for one person to be able to both remove nished rolls and drop in empty shafts and cores.

A pneumatic clutch and individual speed controls are used to control tension. The GFO series is CE certied which guarantees it to meet or exceed safety standards throughout the world.


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    Categories: Роll to Roll


    • Oil heated drum w/2 zone control
    • Production 1,5 mt/min – 1,64 yd/min ( 40 second )
    • Safety bar & reversing control
    • 18.3 inch (35 cm) Diameter Drum
    • Adjustable Belt Tension
    • Brushless DC Motors
    • Electro-pneumatic Belt steering System
    • Automatic Cool-Down Timer
    • 3 super-light Air Unwind shafts & 3 super-lite Air Rewind shafts
    • Optional roll up table loading
    • Variable speed control
    • CE Certied
    • The machine needs air connection



    MODEL                                     GFO 67                              GFO 76                              GFO 104                                   GFO 126
    BELT SIZE                             168 CM /66 “                    198 CM / 78 “                     268 CM / 105 “                            335 CM / 132 “

    WORKING WIDTH              160 CM /63″                        193 CM / 76″                      264 CM / 104″                             327 CM / 129″

    POWER INSTALLED            14,4 KW – 66 A                 16,5 KW – 75 A                  24 KW – 105 A                           30 KW – 127 A

    AVERAGE CONSUMPTION     6 KWH                                 7 KWH                              12 KWH                                    15 KWH

    NET WEIGHT                         1900 KG                                2100 KG                              2400 KG                                  2720 KG

    DIMENSIONS     153/282/167см- 60/111/66“        153/312/167см–60/123/66“   153/378/167см-60/149/66“    153/446/167см-  60/175/66“




    GFO 67/76/104/126