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HLMT 70/60

Transmatic HLMT 70/60


Calanders HLMT 70/60  HYBRID are designed for traditional sublimation printing by Nomex felt and for the application of foils and special effects:

Heat-transferable lm (lacquers, reptile scales, cracks, varnishes, pullups etc.)

sequins, tupinambis, foils with microdot (total or partial rolling) on woven fabrics, knitted fabrics and continuous substrates. Heat-gluing and lm/web laminating, relief printing using release paper, transfer printing of polyurethane, synthetic leather and PVC.

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    Categories: Laminators

    MODEL                                                              HLMT 70/60

    BELT SIZE                                                         198 CM / 78 “


    UPPER SILICON CYLINDER                           Ø 39 CM

    WORKING WIDTH                                          190 CM / 75”

    POWER INSTALLED                                       37,5 KW – 163 A

    AVERAGE CONSUMPTION                          17 KWH

    NET WEIGHT                                                 3600 KG / 7934 LBS

    Thermal oil heated cylinder

    Safety bar and reverse control

    Safety beam barrier

    Independent motors with inverter

    Ultralight air-expansion shafts for unwinders and rewinders

    Touch screen

    Heated lower cylinder in hard chromium

    Heated upper cylinder in silicone

    Pressure by 2 cylinders: Hydraulic 70 kg/ cm²

    Dynamic electro-pneumatic control of the belt

    Automatic cylinder cooling timer

    Adjustable felt tension

    Belt speed: 2.8 m/min with printing time of 40 sec


    HLMT 70/60