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Onix TextileONYX Textile Edition

ONYX Textile Edition software is designed specifically for the large format textile printing marketplace. It is available as an application specific edition for ONYX RIPCenter, ONYX PosterShop and ONYX ProductionHouse packages and as a module for ONYX Thrive software.

ONYX Textile Edition software includes all the functionality of ONYX 12 software – such as Swatch Books, sewing marks and disproportionate scaling – with the addition of textile specific features that can save time and reduce waste. ONYX Textile Edition software combines Step & Repeat, Colorways and Ink Configuration Builder functions with ONYX Color – Onyx Graphics’ proprietary color engine – to increase the predictability of color textile output.

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     Step & Repeat

    Simplify pattern creation by quickly creating edge-to-edge patterns in Job Editor

    Achieve unlimited layout possibilities with vertical and horizontal repeats, rotate and mirror options and the ability to add image offsets. Quickly create edge-to-edge fabric and wall covering designs from a single repeatable image, eliminating the need for third-party applications. Users can experience substantial time savings when creating full-bleed repeats for any size material or application.


    Create patterns with unique color combinations within the familiar ONYX interface

    Select from a specified Swatch books color or manually select colors to produce unique patterns. Users can save valuable time because this simple, intuitive Colorways application eliminates the need to switch between multiple programs. The job setup function is achieved using the familiar ONYX interface.

    Color Swatch Books

    Match specific colors for demanding customers and reduce production waste

    By using our Swatchbook tool, you can print different variations of a specified color and quickly determine the best match between printed output and the desired color. This makes it simple to match color right the first time without unnecessary guesswork, saving both time and materials.

    Sewing Marks

    Easily add marks for sewing and hemming output to reduce finishing time

    Easily add guidelines to images with the ability to control line style. Customize marks for tiled images with overlap to ensure proper matching of panels. Automation available through Quick Sets.

    Job Previewing

    Take the guesswork out of printing and make the output more predictable

    ONYX 12 software gives you the ability to preview a job before submitting it to print. Individual preview images are now color managed and a larger job properties preview is also available. You can also preview a full nest of images before it prints, making printing more predictable and increasing your confidence in the final output.


    Get brighter colors in low gamut situations

    ONYX color scientists have developed an innovation that gives print shops more control over gamut mapping. This tool can improve the appearance of bright colors in low gamut situations, increasing chroma by as much as 40%.


    Onix Textile