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Installation and TrainingInstallation and Training services

Our Installation and Training services are the key feature that differentiates us on the market.

The Installation

On arrival our engineers are always professional and friendly. They are trained and experienced to provide for you and your printer the necessary time and techical expertise. Each installation for us is a unique process with its own challenges which we always solve to your satisfaction.

The Training

Training is integral part of our technical services. Our engineers have the expertise to train customers to operate productively and safely the entire equipment portfolio we represent.

The years of experience in maintenance of large format printing equipment allows us to share technical knowledge and help you get the most from your large format printer in a practical sense, providing advice on the best way to get the needed results.

After the conclusion of a training our engineer is still only a phone call away. If this is your first printer there’s a chance you might have a question or two after the engineer leaves, we will always be at the other end of the phone.